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Audio resource libraryELT audio resources – lively and authentic listening

Finding good listening material to work with in the classroom is always a challenge. It’s too long … too fast … too complex … too inauthentic … too dull …  We don’t claim to have solved all of these problems, but we have created a collection of original recordings with activity ideas, language resources, and transcripts. These include role-play conversations, authentic vox-pops, pronunciation work, mini radio features, short interviews, as well as readings of news stories from The Week.

Please note that the recordings are for subscribers only. To access them, please click on the green audio icon. This will open the audio play screen. Use the play button to listen online, or click on the MP3 or Windows Media Audio link to download the recording to your computer. To find out more about accessing these resources, try our Get started page or our Help pages.

Latest resources

Latest resources

Barrister or solicitor?
Stressed and unstressed syllables

Smoking ban
Crime and punishment

Identical twins
Family (advanced)