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What is Teachit ELT?

Teachit ELT is a tried and trusted EFL/ESL teaching resource used by thousands of teachers worldwide. Ranging from games for Young Learners to professional skills for Business English, the Teachit ELT libraries offer thousands of pages of materials, all created by classroom teachers and constantly growing.


Teachit ELT is by teachers for teachers

We believe that the best resources are created at the chalkface. We also believe in paying you for the fruits of your labours. That's why we share our revenues with all the fantastic teachers who fill up the libraries by sending us their excellent materials.


The life of a Teachit ELT resource

  1. A  resource is contributed to the site by a fab teacher.
  2. Once selected for publication, the resource is edited by the team.
  3. It's then given a mini makeover.
  4. The resource is published in a range of photocopiable, adaptable and digital formats.

Our memberships

Teachit ELT individual and institution subsriptions offer adaptable MS Word or PowerPoint versions of materials, whiteboard resources, interactive tasks and the ability to make and save your own interactives, as well as My Teachit for selecting, storing and sharing your favourite resources. 


Now I no longer have to trawl the 'Net looking for a suitable teaching idea for my second language students – the materials are accessible 24-7 and ready-to-go. 

Abena Baiden


ELTons nominated

In 2009, Teachit ELT was shortlisted for the ELTons awards.

The site has also received the 'site of the month' award.

Teachit logoWhere Teachit ELT started

Teachit ELT (originally called Teachitworld) launched in 2008 as a sister site to, founded by English teacher Siobhain Archer in 1999 as a spare-time addition to her teaching workload. The online library of learning resources rapidly gathered its own momentum as colleagues discovered the value of sharing their teaching materials.


AQATeachit ELT and AQA

In April 2011 Teachit ELT became part of the AQA family with the aim of supporting teachers and learners to realise their potential. Teachit ELT remains editorially independent and is committed to publishing high quality resources, regardless of awarding body.

I like your website because it gives me new ideas for my classes. It's great the way it's structured, and the wide range of subjects and ways of approaching grammar for ESL students

Beatriz Dévora

How to contact us

By email:
By post: Teachit, Queen Anne House, 11 Charlotte Street, Bath, BA1 2NE, UK
By phone: +44 (0)1225 788852
By fax: +44 (0) 1225 430233


Interested in marketing or advertising opportunities with Teachit ELT?

Email Karen at


Meet the Teachit ELT team

Ann BazleyAnn Bazley
Subscriptions Administration Manager

Becky RogersBecky Rogers
Customer Experience Manager

Chris SmartChris Smart
Geography Editor

Christine Bowes Christine Bowes
Customer Support Assistant

Fran HamiltonFran Hamilton
Project Coordinator

George RoddGeorge Rodd
Primary Resource Editor

Harriet Clarke Harriet Clarke
History Editor

Helen Acosta Helen Acosta
Web Development Manager

Helen Kennedy Helen Kennedy
Maths Editor

Helen Stacey Helen Stacey
Lead English Editor

Jo Barwell Jo Barwell
Senior Editor

Kate Lee Kate Lee
Senior Editor

Katharina RompfKatharina Rompf
Marketing Assistant & Office Manager

Katie Dutton Katie Dutton
Customer Support Administrator

Lindy Leslie Lindy Leslie
Cross-Site Editor

Liza Austin Liza Austin
Business Development Manager

Lucy Hewitt Lucy Hewitt
Publishing Manager

Maddie Butt Maddie Butt
Advertising & Partnerships Coordinator

Marysia Hawkins Marysia Hawkins
Web Content Designer

Sarah KnivetonSarah Kniveton
Science Editor

Sheena NewlandSheena Newland
Languages Editor

Tamas CsillagTamas Csillag
Email and Website Campaign Administrator

Victoria HumphriesVictoria Humphries
Head of Teachit

Yasmin GorleYasmin Gorle
Editorial Design Assistant


We are family ... Teachit's other resource sites include | | | | | |


The official bit

Teachit – part of the AQA family
Registered in England & Wales (Company no. 3644723)
Registered office – AQA, Devas Street, Manchester, M15 6EX
VAT no. 709227045



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Latest resources

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